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Aw hell

So today begins Day 1 of hell. Luckily, this is the worst day, so it will be all uphill after this. I start out with my MTH205(?) exam at 11. That won't take long so I will have time to study for my ART126 exam which starts at 12:30. Then I have Hospitality and Speech. Then I come home and study/pack until 7 when my SDA101 exam starts. After that I may or may not finish packing/watch friends. I might just go home right from there.

So wish me luck! I need to pass my ART exam like woah to pass the class. Fun!
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Fire up chips no more

Well today has turned around 180 since I have been in the library (where I wrote my previous post). I was studying and listening to my headphones (midi files of course) and they started to get funky. I checked my cell and it was because my mom had called (phone was on silent). She then emailed me telling her to call her because it was very important. So I left the library and called her where she informed me of two great things. Also two things I knew would happen, but still great to finally know none the less.

First: I got a job at her work. It is a temporary job that will be about a week and a half. But I will make about $615 just from that. Nice way to start of the summer.

Second......I finally got my acceptance letter from MSU. So I am officially a Spartan now. I knew I would make it, but it's nice to have finally gotten accepted so I can register for classes and fun stuff like that.


So I am all smiles now. Until I go back to studying. Then I will not be all smiles but...not all frowns either. Have a pleasant and productive day. Love, Jessica


(Notice the green...I have spartan spirit.)

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(no subject)

hexica124: It's funny that the first game will be against CMU
thexica124: I'll be like, GO...STATE
MetallicDrums: No you won't.
MetallicDrums: You just won't cheer.
MetallicDrums: Because State sucks.
MetallicDrums: And when we beat you, you won't feel as bad.
MetallicDrums: Because State sucks.
thexica124: State rocks
thexica124: CMU sucks
thexica124: Fire up chips
thexica124: I mean, what is that?
MetallicDrums: Oh, shut up.
thexica124: I'm sorry, but I have spartan spirit
thexica124: I have green in my blood
MetallicDrums: Better than "Hey, let's go get drunk all the time! I mean, go Spartans."
thexica124: I think that STD central is a little worse than State is.
MetallicDrums: I don't even think Northern is worse than State.
MetallicDrums: But then again, I bleed maroon, gold, maize, and blue.
thexica124: You are just jealous
MetallicDrums: It's a fun mix.
thexica124: I bleed green and white
thexica124: and nothing else
MetallicDrums: If I ever cut myself, I'll take pictures because it looks sweet.
thexica124: Seems like it would all mix together to make a poop brown color.
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(no subject)

Dear CMU friends,

Next Tuesday will be my last day here at CMU forever. I am going to miss all of you. It would be kinda cool if I could see you one more time, so give me a call or drop by Robinson 220 today, tomorrow (before 7), Sunday night, Monday, or Tuesday (I'm not leaving until about 10PM.) Thanks guys! I <3 you all and I will take it personally if I don't hear from you. :)

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(no subject)

Ever since I read hornyhousewife's recent question, I have been thinking about different songs/albums that whenever I listen to them, I think about a certain time in my life. Right now my iTunes is on random and it played a Dashboard song that I listened to a lot this summer. I can really feel the feelings and even taste last summer. It's weird. Not really a place I want to go back and visit, but at the same time...I do. I was so carefree and had no worries last summer. It was like, my last summer of being a crazy teen. Now, this summer will be working full-time and going to school. Since when did I become an adult? I don't like it. Not yet.
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