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Fire up chips no more

Well today has turned around 180 since I have been in the library (where I wrote my previous post). I was studying and listening to my headphones (midi files of course) and they started to get funky. I checked my cell and it was because my mom had called (phone was on silent). She then emailed me telling her to call her because it was very important. So I left the library and called her where she informed me of two great things. Also two things I knew would happen, but still great to finally know none the less.

First: I got a job at her work. It is a temporary job that will be about a week and a half. But I will make about $615 just from that. Nice way to start of the summer.

Second......I finally got my acceptance letter from MSU. So I am officially a Spartan now. I knew I would make it, but it's nice to have finally gotten accepted so I can register for classes and fun stuff like that.


So I am all smiles now. Until I go back to studying. Then I will not be all smiles but...not all frowns either. Have a pleasant and productive day. Love, Jessica


(Notice the green...I have spartan spirit.)

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